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Mission of the Maryland Ornithological Society

The Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) is a nonprofit, statewide organization of people who are interested in birds and nature. It was founded in 1945 and incorporated in 1956 to promote the study and enjoyment of birds. MOS promotes knowledge about our natural resources, and fosters its appreciation and conservation. The Society also maintains a system of sanctuaries to encourage the conservation of birds and bird habitat, and to help record and publish observations of bird life.

NOTE: On June 17, 2011, MOS adopted an Alternative Energy Policy Statement. View it HERE.

Local chapters throughout the state offer field trips, bird counts, and conservation projects for members and guests. Lively and informative programs complement regular meetings where members and guest speakers share their knowledge and expertise. Take a look at our mission statement to find out more about MOS.

Who Should Join MOS?

Anyone who enjoys watching birds should join the Maryland Ornithological Society. Beginners as well as experienced birders are invited and encouraged to become members. Local chapters conduct programs and activities for people of all ages, from children through seniors.

Similarly, anyone who is interested in the conservation of birds and bird habitats should join MOS. The state MOS organization acts as an advocate for birds at the state and national levels by cosponsoring important conservation initiatives, providing expert testimony to support environmentally sound proposals when required, and organizing fund raising drives to support conservation land purchases in the wintering ranges of many of Maryland's migrant songbirds. The individual chapters foster educational progams, conduct fund raising, and actively support environmental issues at the local level.

Why Should You Join MOS?

Whether you simply like to look out your window at a bird feeder or put on hip waders for a trek through the swamp, membership in the Maryland Ornithological Society will enrich your birding experiences. No matter what your birding ability, you will meet new friends, grow in your knowledge of birds and nature, and have plenty of fun.

Your membership in the Society provides support for the sanctuary program, scholarships and research grants, and subscriptions to publications of the Society. More importantly, however, your membership means you become a partner with those who care about wise stewardship of our natural resources. Join today!