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MOS Bird Photo Gallery


  • When you enter the Main Gallery, you will see a series of thumbnail pictures. Place your mouse over the thumbnail to see the species name, location, date and photographer. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo, where available. Thumbnails are presented in phylogenetic order, so you can skip through them if you are looking for a particular bird.

  • Use the arrows at the bottom of the thumbnail pages to navigate through the gallery. You can move to the next, previous, first and last pages. You can navigate through the gallery using the arrows on the photo pages. Up arrows from full photo pages will return you to the thumbnail index for that photo. From the thumbnail pages you can also return to this page, the gallery entrance, enabling you to navigate through the rest of the MOS web site.

  • Some abbreviations we use are:

    • NP -- National Park
    • NS -- National Seashore
    • NWR -- National Wildlife Refuge
    • RA -- Recreation Area
    • RP -- Regional Park
    • SP -- State Park
    • WMA -- Wildlife Management Area
    • WWTP -- Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Contact the webmaster (below) if you encounter any problems or wish to contribute photos or rare or uncommon species (from Maryland locations only, please). Contributors should include the following with each image: species, location (place and county), date, photographer. Also indicate whether you wish to copyright your photos.

  • Please also remember that most of the pictures in the gallery are copyrighted. You can contact some of the major contributers below:
  • You can find additional photos of Maryland's birds at the following web sites:
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