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MOS Contacts

Part I: For Visitors

Cookies and data collection

The MOS web site does not use cookies and not does collect your name, email address or other personal information about you unless you give it to us.

Information sent via forms

Visitors who complete the electronic sighting report for the MD/DC Records Committee (MD/DCRC) provide a variety of information, including personal contact data. Information collected by the Records Committee in this manner is used for recording and evaluating rare bird sightings in Maryland. The MD/DCRC maintains a database of submissions. Personal information provided is not used for any other purpose or given to any person or group without the consent of the individual making the report.

Orders from the Online Nature Store

MOS receives a copy of the receipt you receive from the Online Nature Store, which is run by Without Bricks, Inc, and to which MOS is an affiliate member. This information includes your name, address, and the nature of your order. It does not include any credit card data. MOS maintains these receipts for accounting purposes. Personal information provided is not used for any purpose or given to any person or group, although MOS may analyze the non-personal information in the order to help us more effectively manage the store.

Use of Email

We encourage your comments and requests via email and read every one we receive. We do not sell or share email with other organizations. We may share your email within the organization to ensure that your request or comment receives the attention of the appropriate officer or committee chair.

Photo Gallery

The names of individuals who provide photos for the MOS Bird Gallery are used to protect the owner's copyright, but are not used for any other purpose and will be withheld at the owner's request.

Review of visitor logs

From time to time MOS conducts a statistical analysis of web site use. Statistical logs contain information about pages accessed, date and time visited, and other technical information. Data collected is usually not identifiable with an individual, but in any event personal information is not collected or compiled. Any data collected from the visitor logs is used solely to study web site usage.

Linked Sites

Links and pointers to non-MOS sites and pages are provided for information only. They operate independently of MOS and may have their own privacy policies. Although we believe you will enjoy the sites we link, the availability of a link on the MOS site does not imply endorsement.

Part II: For Members

One of the purposes of the MOS State Web Site is to advertise the existence of the various local MOS Chapters, including contact information for those interested in gaining more information with regard to those chapters. Another purpose is to make available to the general public the current schedule of MOS Chapter meetings and field trips, along with contact information should someone wish further information regarding those activities. With regard to the MOS State and Chapter web sites, it is the policy of MOS that:

1. Addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other identifying items relating to MOS members shall not be published on any web site of the organization without the explicit written consent of the individual in question. Such consent or lack thereof shall be maintained as part of the above-mentioned electronic database and it shall be the responsibility of the local Chapters to gather that information and forward it to the MOS mailing list coordinator each year.

2. Each Chapter must provide the MOS State Webmaster with the name, telephone number, and e-mail address of a representative of that Chapter in order to provide a point of contact for individuals seeking further information about the Chapter. This may be an officer of the chapter or anyone else who has consented to represent the Chapter in this manner. These contacts shall be reviewed and renewed annually by each Chapter.