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The Field List of the Birds of MD (The Yellowbook)

A graphical representation of the Field List of the Birds of Maryland.  And yes, it is YELLOW.

This birding "classic" by the Maryland Ornithological Society is now in its third edition, written by Marshall J. Iliff, Robert F. Ringler and James Stasz. The Field List of the Birds of Maryland, otherwise known as The Yellow Book is your prime source of information about species abundance and dates of occurrence, as well as county list data.
These handy guides can be purchased from The Logo Shop Manager. Visit the Logoshop for instructions on how to order.
You can download an updated version of the County Lists.
An index to the Yellowbook has been made available in Adobe pdf format.
The 1968 version of the Yellowbook are also available for you to download.
Preparation for the fourth edition is underway. This major revision, with Matthew Hafner, Marshall Iliff, Robert Ringer and Norman Saunders as compilers, has been delayed for various reasons. MOS is currently considering a transition to on-line publication.