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What's New on the MOS Web Site?

Date ImplementedItem
Please See Dated Entries Below, If AnyPlease Note Queries and Information Immediately Below.
MOS Webmaster John Christy requests your assistance in determining the most important site elements to update. Please email The Black Bird with the identity of the information, and the information itself if you have it. The pdf file format is preferred, but send what you have. Also please identify yourself and your title or role in MOS. I shall do the best I can to keep the most important elements current. Obviously, the less editing necessary, the more likely the information is to get posted, and to be timely. Your help will be much appreciated, and absolutely necessary. Thank you.
Please use this link, or one of the similar ones on this page, to send email to Webmaster: The Black Bird Thank you. I was getting so many "Nigerian bank fraud" emails addressed to that I made a switch. Now when you click on this link, or one of the Webmaster links on pages I have edited, the email you create will go to and then be redirected to me, as per the second paragraph below.
Question for Those with Actual, or Links to Actual, Email Addresses on the site --- Would you like your name listing linked to a generic like, e.g.,, which could then be routed behind the scenes to your real email address? I hope not too many people say "yes," because these things are all over the place and our ability to do this is limited, but I shall try to accomodate those with strong feelings about it. As you can see, I did it with mine: The Black Bird. For those interested, I may need your help in tracking down all the instances. Thank you.