Dear Friend of MOS,
Thanks to you and your membership, the Maryland Ornithological Society has been hard at work! Your recent dues and donations have helped MOS build a beautiful new website, purchase an inholding at our Irish Grove sanctuary, kick-start the upcoming Breeding Bird Atlas, and fund the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership. As we approach the holiday season and the celebration of MOS’s 75th birthday, will you enjoy the satisfaction of taking part in the success of the following MOS projects, with a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, or more?

The 3rd Maryland/District of Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas, 2020-2024

The Breeding Bird Atlas, a five-year survey conducted with the help of many MOS volunteers, is one of MOS’s biggest efforts! MOS is funding the $82,500 eBird data collection contract with the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. The survey identifies changes to bird distribution and relative abundance, and the data gathered will be used to direct conservation efforts and research to the areas of greatest need.

Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership

Since its inception, the MBCP has been supported by MOS, Maryland DNR, and US Fish and Wildlife. MOS financial support is a lifeline to the MBCP. MBCP seeks to maintain and enhance Maryland bird populations with projects such as its Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program, Bird City Maryland, and the Farmland Raptor Program. (See for more info on these and other MBCP projects.)

MOS Sanctuaries

Have you visited any of the ten MOS sanctuaries throughout Maryland? Our holiday wish list for these valuable bird habitats includes a much-needed new roof for the farmhouse at Carey Run in Garrett County. The house at Carey Run provides lodging for visiting MOS members, campers and scouts, and researchers, much as the house at the Irish Grove sanctuary in Somerset County does.

New Bird Book in Every School Library

Did you treasure a picture book of birds as a child? This year MOS sponsored the publication of Birds of Maryland, Delaware and The District of Columbia by Bruce Beehler and Middleton Evans. Now we ask for your help to distribute a copy of this beautiful, thorough, and accessible book to every K-12 Maryland public school library. Your contribution may spark the passion of a lifelong birder!


Thank you for considering MOS in your year-end giving, and for your membership and continued support. To donate on-line, please visit I wish you a very happy holiday season, and spectacular birding in 2020!

Robin G. Todd,

President, Maryland Ornithological Society