The Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) awards ecology or ornithology scholarships to Maryland teachers and naturalists for summer workshops at either the National Audubon Society’s camp on Hog Island in Maine or to the Maryland Birds and Habitats program at Washington College on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Each award covers the cost of tuition, room and board for an extensive five- or six-day course of study and instruction in ornithology, ecology, conservation, and natural history. Travel arrangements and costs are the recipient’s responsibility.

Up to ten scholarships may be awarded annually. Maine workshop selections may vary from year to year and are listed below and also available to download as a PDF.

Joy of Birding

June 2 to June 7, Hog Island, Maine.

Hone your birding skills with some of America’s top birders while reveling in more than 300 species of New England birds, from warblers and thrushes to puffins and guillemots. Mid-June is the peak of the nesting season, and participants will visit Eastern Egg Rock, home to Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots and Roseate, Common and Arctic Terns. Hog Island itself is home to Bald Eagles, Ospreys and dozens of species of songbirds. Whether you’re a beginning birder or an old hand, our enthusiastic, engaging instructors, small-group field trips and informal instruction will make you a far better birder.

Field Ornithology

June 16 to June 21, Hog Island, Maine

Take a week of riveting field trips to habitats as diverse as offshore puffin islands, windswept blueberry barrens, lush grasslands, and sphagnum bog forests. Add some of the most respected bird experts in the country, and you have Field Ornithology on Hog Island – a layman’s exploration of all things avian, from basic bird biology to nesting behavior, songs, migration and conservation.

Raptor Rapture

July 7 to July 12, Hog Island, Maine

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of birds of prey, with a special emphasis on Maine’s thriving osprey population. You will have a chance to work with some of the world’s most respected raptor biologists, try your hand at raptor photography, hone your ID skills, and learn more about the critical role these birds play in the environment.

Sharing Nature: An Educator’s Week

July 14 to July 19, Hog Island, Maine

This workshop is for both science and non-science educators looking for help developing exciting ideas for creating and incorporating environmental education activities into their curriculum and teaching. Discuss the latest trends, approaches, methods, and activities for engaging children with nature. Workshops will present techniques in art, music, theater, journaling, and other disciplines, as well as a host of classic Audubon Camp field trips such as visiting the nearby restored Atlantic Puffin and Tern colony and exploring Hog Island’s magnificent spruce forest and its rich intertidal zones. Great networking opportunities and delicious home-cooking will make this a memorable and fun experience.

For more information about these workshops, please refer to the Audubon Website.