MOS Organization and Meetings

The MOS organization is governed by its Bylaws and Manual of Operation. Chapters are the primary components of MOS (currently 15), each with their own charter and organization. The Board consists of the Executive Council, which includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and immediate Past President. The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Council, Presidents of each of the chapters and each chapter’s state directors. Chairs of committees also serve on the Board.

Executive Council meetings are called by the President. Meetings are closed to Board and to the general membership, except as requested by the President.

MOS Board Meetings are held quarterly and usually occur on the first Saturdays of March, June, September (or second Saturday of September to avoid Labor Day weekend), and December at 10 AM. Locations vary and rotate among host chapters. Please consult the MOS Calendar or the MOS Secretary for meeting dates and locations. Meetings are open to the general membership.

An Annual Meeting, open to the entire membership, is held to inform the members of the state of MOS and to elect a slate of officers for the Executive Council for one-year terms. This meeting is usually held in conjunction with the annual MOS Convention.

Board minutes are restricted to members only. Please visit the Board Minutes page and enter your login information.