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PRESS RELEASE: Governor Signs Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023

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Current Legislation Campaign:

HB 6—Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023

SB 92—Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023

For more information, download a fact-sheet and testimonies about this bill.

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Passing this bill would make Maryland a leader in protecting birds and conserving energy, helping us to achieve the goals set by the 2022 Climate Solutions Now Act. This bill requires that all newly built, acquired, or renovated buildings receiving Maryland state funding of 51% or more follow standards for bird-friendly windows and shielded nighttime lighting. These standards are shown with scientific methods to protect birds from often fatal window collisions. Enacting this bill will lead to more sustainable buildings in our built environment by reducing energy consumption and fatal bird collisions.

For more information, download a Fact-Sheet about this bill.

Safe Skies meets virtually from 6-7 pm on the second Thursday of the month. We discuss legislative action, building retrofits, community outreach and education. We encourage everyone interested to join us! If you are interested in joining our meetings, please fill out the contact form to request a link.

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