Safe Skies Leadership

Carolyn Parsa

Director of Safe Skies Maryland

Carolyn earned a Bachelors in Plant Science and a Masters in Environmental Science both at Rutgers University.  In the last 4 years she has been active in volunteering for environmental groups.  She is currently chair for the Howard County Sierra Club and director of Safe Skies Maryland.  Both groups are active in community outreach and supporting local and state legislation for protecting the environment



Mark Southerland, PhD

Legislative Director of Safe Skies Maryland

Mark received his PhD in ecology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He continues to work as an environmental consultant, including supporting Maryland DNR since 1993. He leads the legislative program of Safe Skies Maryland, including the state legislation under consideration and the bird safe buildings law that passed Howard County in July 2020. He is also active with Maryland Water Monitoring Council (past chair), Science Council of Maryland Academy of Sciences at the Maryland Science Center, Patapsco Heritage Greenway (VP for environment), Howard County Conservancy, and Howard County Environmental Sustainability Board (past chair).