The Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership is a Science-Driven, Partner-Based Initiative

The MBCP’s mission is to:

  • Identify and prioritize bird conservation needs and opportunities within Maryland and across state borders; and assist with the implementation of Maryland’s State Wildlife Action Plan through coordination and partnerships.
  • Establish diverse partnerships dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats to facilitate information exchange and shared activities enabling a synergistic approach to tackling the conservation challenges faced by Maryland’s avifauna;
  • Coordinate state-wide compilation of existing avian monitoring data and determining more effective management action for use in conservation planning;
  • Fund implementation of on-the-ground bird conservation projects by identifying opportunities to leverage resources, minimizing duplication, and pursuing additional support and resources toward shared management goals of partner organizations;
  • Ensure adequate monitoring of birds of special conservation need by strengthening and supporting existing monitoring programs and establishing new monitoring programs where necessary.
  • Broaden citizen participation in conservation and increase awareness of conservation of birds and their habitats through public, private businesses, and governmental outreach.
  • Become the principal gateway for people to understand Maryland’s bird life and its conservation needs.

Please visit the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership to learn more about conservation.