Blackburnian Warbler

How Much Do You Know About Maryland Birds?

1. Observing birds is important because

a) Birds are an excellent indicator of biodiversity.
b) Changes in bird migration/breeding tell us how global warming is impacting out environment.
c) Changes in bird breeding and migration tell us how our actions are impacting habitat.
d) All of the above

2. Which one of these species is declining dramatically in Maryland?

a) Northern Bobwhite
b) Bald Eagle
c) Great Blue Heron
d) Eastern Bluebird

3. Which one of these species could stop breeding in Maryland if global warming continues?

a) Great Horned Owl
b) Baltimore Oriole
c) Great Blue Heron
d) Hooded Warbler

4. Which of these breeding birds would only be found in a wet forested area?

a) Indigo Bunting
b) Baltimore Oriole
c) Common Yellowthroat
d) Prothonotary Warbler

5. Humans can have a beneficial impact on many species. Which species below actually depends on humans managing habitat for its existence?

a) Eastern Screech-owl
b) Song Sparrow
c) Wood Thrush
d) Yellow-breasted Chat

6. Which of these species breeds primarily in pine forests?

a) Blue Grosbeak
b) Brown-headed Nuthatch
c) Scarlet Tanager
d) Common Yellowthroat

7. Which of these species is not normally found in Maryland?

a) Lincoln’s Sparrow
b) White-breasted Nuthatch
c) Ovenbird
d) Pine Warbler

8. The Red Knot is a shorebird whose migration depends upon

a) The time of day
b) Horseshoe crab egg-laying
c) Wind direction
d) The feeding habits of Bald Eagles

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