Your Privacy Rights as a Member of the Maryland Ornithological Society

The Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) maintains a Statewide electronic database of members, primarily for preparing mailing labels for organization publications.  With regard to that list:

  1. It shall not be made available for sale or by request to any group, whether they be a for-profit or a not-for-profit organization, without the express consent of a majority of the MOS Board of Directors. The State Board of Directors urges the chapters to take the same care with their individual membership lists.
  1. It shall be made available to elected officials of the State MOS for official use only. It shall also be made available to State-level Committee Chairs only upon their explicit request and only for the purpose of conducting official MOS business.  The State Board of Directors urges the chapters to take the same care with their membership lists.
  1. A condensed version may be made available in electronic form to a private company to affix mailing addresses to MOS publications, such as MD Yellowthroat, MD Birdlife, convention bulletins, or other designated MOS mailings to the membership. The private company must understand the privacy rights of MOS members and have agreed to destroy the membership address files sent to them once the specific mailing has been carried out.  Further, they must agree to make no other use whatsoever of the MOS membership files.

The MOS maintains a State MOS website.  One of the purposes of that website is to advertise the existence of the various local MOS Chapters, including contact information for those interested in gaining more information with regard to those chapters.  Another purpose is to make available to the general public the current schedule of MOS Chapter meetings and field trips, along with contact information should someone wish further information regarding those activities.  With regard to the MOS State and Chapter websites, it is the policy of MOS that:

  1. Addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other identifying items relating to MOS members shall not be published on any website of the organization without the express consent of the individual in question. Such consent or lack thereof shall be maintained as part of the Statewide electronic database and it shall be the responsibility of the local Chapters to supply that information to the MOS mailing list coordinator.
  1. Each Chapter shall provide the MOS State Webmaster with the name, telephone number, and e-mail address of a representative of that Chapter in order to provide a point of contact for individuals seeking further information about the Chapter. This may be an officer of the chapter or anyone else who has consented to represent the Chapter in this manner.  These contacts shall be reviewed and renewed annually by each Chapter.

30 April 2002