Maryland Birdlife is published twice annually to record and encourage the study of birds in and around Maryland. Originally conceived as a quarterly booklet, Maryland Birdlife was edited for many decades by world-renowned ornithologist Chandler Robbins. The final issue under his esteemed oversight was published in 2014. The journal is henceforth edited by Gene Scarpulla.

Maryland Birdlife contains original articles, notes, and research papers primarily pertaining to Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Potential topics may include geographic or temporal distribution, ecology, biology, morphology, systematics, behavior, migration, life history, as well as other biological topics. Annual bird counts also will be published. All submissions are subject to editorial review and acceptance. Articles and research papers will be peer-reviewed.

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Issues of Maryland Birdlife

The latest issues of Maryland Birdlife

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Back issues of Maryland Birdlife (Volumes 1 through 68 [1945–2019]) can be accessed online at SORA (Searchable Ornithological Research Archive). The two most recent volumes will be made available online at a later date.