Howard County Bird Club

The Howard County Bird Club, organized in 1972, is one of 15 Maryland Ornithological Society chapters. It is dedicated to the enjoyment, appreciation, protection, and conservation of birds and other natural resources. The club holds monthly meetings from September through May, sponsors three seasonal bird counts as well as dozens of field trips, and provides references and support for birders OF ALL LEVELS.

Visit the HCBC Website

Because of COVID-19, there are only virtual programs for the public and field trips operate with restrictive rules. Please visit the Howard County Bird Club website.


  • President: Kristin Trouton
  • Vice President: Gregg Petersen
  • Secretary: Chuck Stirrat
  • Treasurer: Brian Moyer
  • Past President: Mary Maxey

State Directors

  • David Sandler
  • Donna Carollo
  • Sherry Tomlinson

Previous Howard County Bird officers (PDF)

Chapter Directors

  • Nancy McAllister
  • Kelsey Wellons


  • Field Trips: Joe Hanfman
  • Ornithological Data Records: Jo Solem
  • Conservation: Kurt Schwarz
  • Webmaster: Bob Solem
  • Pot Luck: Linda Hunt and Sherry Tomlinson
  • Programs: Mary Lou Clark
  • Publicity: Allen Lewis
  • Facebook: Kelsey Wellons
  • HCBC field trips are an excellent way to improve birding skills whatever your experience level. Trips provide opportunities to explore new sites and meet other birders.
  • Seasonal counts are held the first Saturday of February, the second Saturday of May, and the third Saturday of September. All birders are welcome; beginners can ask to accompany skilled individuals.
  • The Chandler S. Robbins SkyWatch at Mount Pleasant is a birding and meeting place. On weekends, especially during migration, folks who drop by are likely to find experienced birders scanning the sky for raptors and other migrants.

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Howard County Bird Club Membership - Household
$40 for membership September 1 - August 31.
Howard County Bird Club Membership - Individual
$25 for membership September 1 - August 31.
Howard County Bird Club Membership - Junior (under age 18)
$5 for membership September 1 - August 31.
Howard County Bird Club Membership - Affiliated
$5 for membership September 1 - August 31. Membership for those who are members of another, primary, MOS chapter.
Howard County Bird Club Membership - Sustaining
$90 for membership September 1 - August 31.

This group makes presentations to interested groups on the identification of and information about butterflies, including tips to make gardens more butterfly friendly. Butterfly field trips are also offered.

  • Members have a wide range of nature-related interests. Photos and species lists are available for the following: Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Herps (reptiles and amphibians), Lichens, Mosses, and Fungi.
  • Links on Howard web page
  • Through its Habitat Preservation Fund, the HCBC has, for more than 40 years, used proceeds from its annual seed sale and individual donations, to preserve and maintain bird habitats locally, regionally, and in Latin America.
  • Members support county bioblitzes.
  • HCBC frequently co-sponsors events with the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks. For 12 years, the two groups sponsored an annual county dragonfly count. During the five-year Maryland Herp Atlas, HCBC members assisted in collecting data, and county maps were posted to the club’s website. The Butterfly Group and several pollinator meadows are cooperative arrangements between  the two groups.

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