There’s a growing sense that MOS is more than a birding organization and must be a committed steward of the environment. With that motivation, MOS seeks to partner with like-minded organizations to foster and advocate for conservation projects that will help birds, whether thy be migrants passing through or resident birds, as well as preserve our overall natural environment.

MOS teamed with DNR to create Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership (MBCP). Funding obtained by MD DNR was matched by MOS such that a full-time MBCP director was hired. Numerous partners have been signed on and projects started. Please take a moment to check out MBCP’s website.

Along with MBCP, MOS works closely with Audubon MD/DC, located in Baltimore. Both organizations are passionate about birding and bird conservation and MOS members participate in Audubon projects.

Other partners, in a more informal sense, are, for example, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Nature Conservancy Maryland/DC Chapter, Smart on Pesticides Coalition, Assateague Coastal Trust, Lights Out Baltimore and Safe Skies Maryland. The latter two work together and with MOS to promote reduced building lighting and safer building design for bird safety. LOB is an organization of Baltimore Bird Club striving to make Charm City safe for migratory birds. Safe Skies is a subcommittee of the MOS Conservation Committee.