Birding Ethics

Sometimes in our enthusiasm to find a bird or to get a closer look, it is easy to forget the rights of others and the well-being of the birds. YMOS birders always try to adhere to the following principles:

  1. Never intentionally disturb the bird. Keep stress to the bird to a minimum.
  2. When using recordings to attract birds, avoid nesting birds and monitor the volume so as not to unduly stress birds or other people.
  3. Stay away from nests whenever possible.
  4. Respect other birders while in the field. Monitor your voice level and movement.
  5. Stay on trails and roads to avoid damage to habitat.
  6. Stay off private property, and be respectful of the right to privacy of homeowners.
  7. Ensure that feeders and nest boxes are safe for birds. Clean feeders regularly, and don’t expose birds to predators such as cats.