The MOS Maryland/District of Columbia Records Committee (MD/DCRC) evaluates reports of sightings of new or very rare birds species in Maryland or DC to convert them into documented records that can be used reliably for scientific studies of bird distribution and patterns of avian vagrancy. These web pages provide various lists dealing with the Birds of MD and the Birds of DC. Committee organizational and status information is also provided. If you see a rare bird in Maryland or the District of Columbia (as defined by our MD and DC Review Lists), please report it.

The Maryland/District of Columbia Records Committee (MD/DCRC) was established in 1982 as a committee of the Maryland Ornithological Society. The function of the Committee is to:

  1. Review reports of unusual sightings within its area of coverage;
  2. Determine the adequacy of documentation of such reports;
  3. Maintain the official lists of birds for Maryland and the District of Columbia;
  4. Publish periodic reports of its findings; and
  5. Maintain the primary reports, the deliberations of the Committee, and, in some instances, opinions received from outside experts and/or copies of some of the relevant literature.

The Committee evaluates reports of sightings to convert them into documented records that can be used reliably for scientific studies of bird distribution and patterns of avian vagrancy.

The MD/DCRC consists of nine voting members, a chairman and a non-voting secretary. Voting members serve 3-year terms. The voting members review the documentation provided for each report and assess whether or not this information adequately supports identification. Reports may be evaluated by Committee members during several review cycles depending upon the number of votes to accept or not accept a give record.

The Committee has written goals, criteria for acceptance, and other policies and procedures which govern the operations of the Committee. These are available form the Secretary. The MD/DCRC charter from the MOS Manual of Operation and the Committee’s Goals and Procedures statement provide additional information about its mandate and role. A Species Review List for both Maryland and DC and a Documentation Checklist are also available electronically. Check the Species Review List for the current list of sightings the Committee will review.

Participation by the birding community is vital to the success of the MD/DCRC. Please report sightings promptly. Send your report to:

Phil Davis
MD/DCRC Secretary
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, MD 21035

The records committee operates according specifications in the Maryland Ornithological Society’s bylaws.

Download the MD/DCRC Charter

Member From Term Expires
Kevin F. Bennett Alexandria, VA 2024
Paul Budde Washington, DC 2025
Matt Hafner, Chair Forest Hill, MD 2023 *
Daniel Irons Queenstown, MD 2023
Frank Marenghi Shady Side, MD 2023
Sam Miller Gambrills, MD 2024
Paul Pisano Arlington, VA 2024
Dan Small Chestertown, MD 2025
Leslie Starr † Baltimore, MD 2024
Kim Tomko Baltimore, MD 2025
Alex Wiebe Takoma Park, MD 2023
Phil Davis, Secretary Davidsonville, MD 2023 *

* = Non-voting  † = Posthumous

Records Committee Member Listing