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The Maryland Yellowthroat

The Maryland Ornithological Society’s membership is an active one. We travel across our great state, the country, and all over the world to observe birds and experience the thrill of birding. Each issue of The Maryland Yellowthroat is packed with information about the state of birds in Maryland, details on bird-related conservation issues, feature articles, information about birds walks, meetings, field trips, and calls to action — all from our membership.

Bird conservation is at the center of each issue. Upcoming issues will continue to highlight conservation matters as they pertain to Maryland and encourage our membership to participate.

Designed and edited by Orietta C. Estrada, and copyedited by Kathy Brown, The Maryland Yellowthroat is free to all MOS members.

Chapter Chatter

Members report on their most recent sightings, excursions, and bird-/conservation- related achievements via our club section the Chapter Chatter. Club-related articles should go to Jean Wheeler, editor of Chapter Chatter.


Want to join a bird walk, field trip, or want to drop-in on a bird club meeting near you? Check out our online calendar for the most recent, up-to-date information. Have something to add to the MOS calendar? Contact Marilyn Veek the calendar editor.

Please consider contributing material to The Maryland Yellowthroat. Find out more below, and thank you!

Orietta C. Estrada, Editor
The Maryland Yellowthroat

All MOS members are welcome to submit articles for publication. Please send directly to Ms. Estrada, the editor. Submissions should be under 500 words (features and columns are the only exceptions, contact the editor for guidance).

Club-related articles should be sent to Jean Wheeler, editor of Chapter Chatter. Send Calendar submissions to Marilyn Veek the calendar editor. Not sure where to send your submission or whether it’s a good fit for the newsletter? Please read an issue from our archive, below, and feel free to ask the editor.

You may send your work in the body of an email, in a Microsoft Word document, a Pages document, or via google documents. No PDFs. Edits will always be returned in a document.

**Please put your name and byline at the end of your submission, and put your name and/or column in the title of the document/email/link.

Please cite your sources. We will not publish plagiarized or poorly cited work. (Example: Wikipedia is not a trusted source.)

To have a photo, or art slide, considered, please, follow these guidelines:

  • submit photos as a .JPG in an email attachment
  • submit photos at a resolution of no less than 300 dpi
  • submit a short caption along with your photo and include the date, approximate location, author information, and chapter affiliation

Note: Photos must be relevant, be your own (unless submitted on someone’s behalf), be free of a watermarks, and must not be previously used in an online/print publication (Facebook, IG, etc. are OK). Please do not send out of focus photos, photos of photos, or downloaded photos from the web — this includes photos from Flickr.

Member prices:
1/4 page= $50
1/2 page $100
Full page $200

1/4 page = $100
1/2 page = $200
Full page = $400

Here are the maximum sizing options:
1/4 page = 3.5″ x 5″
1/2 page = 7.5″ x 5″
Full page = 7.5″ x 9″

We will also post a notice of your sponsorship to our Facebook page.

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