Example 1: Lark Sparrow

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Elliott Drive, less than 100 yard south of Tridelphia Mill Road, Clarksville, MD.

Howard county book map p. 13, block K6.

Bluebird-size sparrow seen with a flock of House Finches at first at 1732 hours for 3 min. on 10-12-88. Temp. in low 40s.

Body white underneath with small black spot on breast, white throat with black whiskers, brown back with no wingbars.

Black line through eye, sparrow bill.

Rufous cheek patches.

White 1/2 ring under eye.

Alternating rufous and white bands on top of head.

Yellowish-brown bill and legs.

Came out of a weedy field on west side of street and landed in sapling above weeds and bush on east side and turned to face me.

In flight took a few flaps and then glided.

Slower wing beat than most sparrows.

Some white on tail, but bird didn’t show me a clear view of the type of tail. No obvious wingbars seen.

Bird seen in full sun most of the time, observer looking east, range less than 50 feet, sky partly cloudy. Moderate wind from west.

Used 7×50 binoculars while sitting in pickup truck.

[Transcribed directly from notes taken in the field.]