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Drones Harass Nesting Bald Eagles

Nesting Bald Eagles have been harassed in recent weeks by a drone. In the most recent incident the drone was purposely flown near a nest in Anne Arundel County, frightening the incubating adult such that it fled the nest and flushing the other bird from its roost. This also occurred twice last year in Garrett County. […]

Red Knots plummet by 25% in a year in Tierra del Fuego

For a while, it looked like they might actually be in recovery. But this year’s census of the American subspecies, the rufa Red Knot, found that numbers have plummeted to an all-time low. The likely cause? Food shortages in Delaware Bay, a crucial feeding stopover site on their migration. This January, surveyors flying over Tierra […]

Example 2: Franklin’s Gull

On Sunday, October 27, 19–, I met X– at Loch Raven reservoir. X– had been making a series of observations from a point of land on the north shore of the lake, and I was anxious to learn of the spot. During the fall X– had seen a Piping Plover there on September 27 and, […]

Example 1: Lark Sparrow

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”476″][/media-credit] Elliott Drive, less than 100 yard south of Tridelphia Mill Road, Clarksville, MD. Howard county book map p. 13, block K6. Bluebird-size sparrow seen with a flock of House Finches at first at 1732 hours for 3 min. on 10-12-88. Temp. in low 40s. Body white underneath with small black spot […]

On Taking a Notebook Afield

By Claudia Wilds Serious field ornithologists do the most tremendous amount of paperwork. Whenever they go birding they take notes on the spot about everything about the birds they see that catches their attention: interesting behavior, unusual plumage, unfamiliar songs and calls, an exact count of every species, effects of wind and weather, drought, concentrations […]