Drones Harass Nesting Bald Eagles

Nesting Bald Eagles have been harassed in recent weeks by a drone. In the most recent incident the drone was purposely flown near a nest in Anne Arundel County, frightening the incubating adult such that it fled the nest and flushing the other bird from its roost. This also occurred twice last year in Garrett County.

Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership (MBCP) Executive Director, Chris Eberly, spoke with WNAV’s Donna Cole for her program 1430 Connection about the most recent incident.

Although flying near eagle nests may not violate FAA regulations, it’s against the law to disrupt nesting native birds (Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act).

Please consider contacting your state representative if you agree that irresponsible UAV usage is a threat to cherished Chesapeake area resources. If this type of behavior persists, new legislation may be needed with enhanced penalties for the use of a drone in the commission of another crime.